Payments processed

Accept stablecoins and altcoins.


Value of transactions

Battletested by high value merchants


Crypto coins accepted

Accept bitcoin, stablecoins and more

Be in charge of your payments

Peer 2 peer payments, without a 3rd party.

Save money

Cut out the middleman, and directly receive payments from customers.

Generate extra revenue

Decide your own exchange rate and markup, and start earning money on crypto payments.

Manage your payments

All your payments and settings are directly available in an online dashboard.

Elegant en intuitive design

Crypto payments are already complex enough. Make your payments elegant, intuitive and easy to use.

Do not pay percentage fees

for something that is peer 2 peer by nature

You may pay for functionality, but not for your success.

Control your payment

Be in charge of the entire payment flow

Crypto payments should be peer 2 peer without a middleman. You should be in charge of the entire payment flow.

That is why we build a payment method where you are in full control. Omotix does not touch your payment, we just built the interface. All funds that you charge your customers will directly go to YOUR wallet.

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Create your own payment rules

Mark-up payments & choose your own coins

You can choose your own exchange rate with a mark-up or a discount. You may want to mark-up your payments to generate extra revenue, or you give disount to incentive your customers to pay with crypto.

Whatever you decide, you are in control of the payment from beginning to end. Nobody is touching your core payment. Crypay just facilitates your process.

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Ignite your crypto payments

Start now

Start accepting crypto payments on your terms. You decide how to handle your payments.

Install ready-made plugins
Install our wordpress plugin and start accepting crypto payments.

Choose your coins to accept
Easiliy add or remove crypto coins you would like to accept.

Receive payments
No intermediaries. Directly receive payments in your wallet.

Start accepting crypto payments

Our core payment functionality is free. Premium plans add extra features.



per month
  • 5 payments per month
  • Online Dashboard
  • Branded Checkout


per month
  • Unlimited payments
  • Online Dashboard
  • Custom Branding


per month
  • 200GB File Storage
  • Unlimited Users
  • Premium Support


per month
  • 500GB File Storage
  • Unlimited Users
  • No time Tracking